I’m Urvish Doshi.

I’m a UX Engineer based in New York City. I have over four years of experience in Designing, Developing and HCI.


I am a computer science graduate with over four years of experience in graphic design, creative website design, web development, internet security, video editing, and human-computer interaction. I am a passionate UX Engineer who enjoys working with computers and related projects. What makes me different from others is my creativity and dedication to every project I work on.

What is working with me like?

That's what they all say.


Jiar Fong

Marketing Coordinator at JDC

Urvish brings an infectious can-do energy to every project he undertakes. He’s smart, talented and consistently brings creativity to the table. What I appreciate most about working with Urvish is that no task is too small to him and he’s always prepared to lend a hand. Anyone would be lucky to have Urvish as a colleague and teammate. I know I am!


Abra Cohen

Archivist at JDC

Urvish is a tech wiz. Anytime I’ve needed assistance with graphic design, powerpoint, eventbrite, or even a general computer question, he always assists me quickly and efficiently. He has a great eye and is a talented designer. Not only is his work exemplary, his attitude is great. He is a caring colleague and brings joy to the office!


Richard Passante

Senior Marketing & Reporting Operations Manager at Getty Images

Urvish is extremely easy to work with, a pleasure to collaborate on projects with and pays attention to detail. He is also a Web and Coding expert . He never has stress - he manages projects and time beautifully and is an asset to any firm. Urvish is dedicated, reliable, punctual, and optimistic. True professionalism is shown daily. Thanks for your hard, work, and friendship. Rich


Jamie Barretto (Epstein)

Communications Specialist at Touro College

Urvish is truly a pleasure to work with. Not only is he highly committed to any task he is given, always arriving earlier to the office than other colleagues, he is friendly, a team player, and willing to assist with any project. He is an extremely talented programmer and would highly recommend him to any future employer.


Abigail Longyear

Human Resources Project Manager at National Debt Relief, LLC

Urvish is a great colleague and a real pleasure to work with! He is a very talented developer.


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